3 thoughts on “Ep. 4: Diabetes Debunked

  1. love the debunked Ep 4 – so important to talk about drinking alcohol responsibly, especially for my little pancreas pals! Go girls! xoxo


  2. Hi. Just got diagnosed with type 1 recently and was referred to your podcast. Found this to be pretty helpful. If you have high blood sugar in the middle of your night when drinking, will you give yourself a correcting dose, or just let it ride?


    1. Hi there! Emily here, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, but obviously you’re not alone! We are not doctors so can’t officially give you an overarching answer to the question, But, from personal experience, if the number is 260+ then I give myself half or a quarter of a correction. But, if it’s 260 or below, I will let it ride. That being said, it’s very contingent on the type of alcohol you’re drinking. So, if it’s beer, or a super sugary frozen cocktail drink situation (sucker for a frozen marg or a pina colada) then give yourself half a bolus prior to drinking. I hope this helps! Feel free to slide into our DM’s on Instagram for any further questions, or e-mail Pancreaspals123@gmail.com. All the best, ~PP~


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