A Note From the Pancreas Pals Gals


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Welcome to Pancreas Pals! This is truly an effort to connect young adults in the Type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. That includes those with T1D, friends, family members and concerned strangers (maybe idk) who want to learn more about the disease. Also, this is meant to be a fun thang. We’re surviving and (sometimes) thriving, and want to share our lols and trials and tribulations with those who want to listen.

A leeeetle about me: I was diagnosed with T1D in 2014, after a struggle and a half of a diagnosis. I had my third diaversary in (apparently people say that… like ok I can get on that trend) in May 2017. I attended Boston University (where I met former cohost Christie hayyyy) and graduated in May 2016. Miss Boston (almost) everyday.

Now I’m living my (occasional) best life in NYC as a Senior Editor for a magazine. I spend my free time reaching out to fellow pals, raising some funds alongside the JDRF YLC to help cure our pancreatically-chalenged selves. When I’m not running that ‘betes hustle, I can be found reading murder mysteries and trashy rom coms in one of NYC’s green spaces.

Drop me a line/slide into our DM’s if you have any suggestions, comments or questions regarding the ‘betes. Hope you enjoy our labor of love, from one Pancreas Pal to another and be sure to follow us on Instagram for a look at our ~journey~.



Hi Pals!

I’m so thrilled to be the co-host of Pancreas Pals! I love having an outlet to dish about all things T1D—and not the boring medical part of it. But the social and emotional parts of carrying around the literal and figurative baggage that comes with a chronic illness like ours.

But who am I, even?!

I’m Miriam Brand Schulberg. I was diagnosed with t1D as a little 6 year old in 1996 (showing my age).

I have grown up with this disease, and I’ve watched first-hand how management and technology has changed over time, and changed the ways we survive and thrive.

I’ve also had T1D joining along for every developmental stage throughout adolescence. Which is….fun!?

I went to the University of Maryland-College Park and received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. I then went on to receive my Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU. I now work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in NYC. I’ve provided counseling and therapy for college students and the elderly, and everyone in between. But my special interest in providing counseling to those living with chronic illnesses—because we all need a little extra support and love!

I hope I can help all us Pals chat about the tricky aspects of T1D by getting real about what’s causing us angst and UGHs! Sometimes saying “omg me too!” can feel so comforting 🙂