Season 7 Ep. 11: T1D Hacks

We hope you enjoy the episode! Please find a comprehensive list of our favorite T1D hacks below.

  1. GifGrips makes incredibly helpful adhesive overlays for a variety of pumps and CGMs. They’re also available on Amazon making for one-click ordering easiness!
  2. For adhesive that goes underneath your medical equipment, Skin Tac is a great option—one that Miriam loves.
  3. Emily swears by Glucose Gummies, which you can find at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and more.
  4. Rubber Door for Tandem Diabetes Pump—a favorite of Miriam’s!
  5. CheruBalm for moisturizing and protecting skin.
  6. Unisolve for adhesive removal!
  7. Dexcom over patches—you can request with your Dexcom order.
  8. Vial Safe insulin protector—to protect your liquid gold!

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