10 Gifts for the Diabetic in Your Life

From carrying cases to special adhesives, to insulin cooling cases, find the perfect gift for the Type 1 diabetic this holiday season.
1. Sugar Medical Omnipod Case, $37

Calling all Podders, we all know that the current make of the Omnipod is hella bulky, and not all of our necessities will fit in our cute bags. BUT, enter Sugar Medical. With supply cases fitting Omnipods, slimmer cases for those on multiple daily injections (MDI), and a ton of other diabetes-related accessories, Sugar Medical has you covered.

2. My Genteel, $130

Pain-free, this lancet is the perfect gift for the diabetic who’s tired of pricking their finger (aka all of us).

3. GifGrips, $25 Pack of 24

For those with bionic parts, GifGrips will help prolong your site life! Place over your pump, Dexcom, or Libre to ensure your site will stay on longer.

4. I Have the Sugars Shop T-Shirt, $20

Wear your pancreas on your sleeve with one of these dope t-shirts. Bonus: Pancreas Pals fav Libby Russell designed these amazing t’s!

5. Real Good Foods Enchiladas, $7.50/6 boxes

Low carb and delicious, give the ‘betic in your life the gift of a tasty meal. Use code “PancreasPals” for 10% off your order!

6. Apple Watch Series 3, $279

This gift might be pricey, but man does it make a difference for those using a Dexcom CGM.

7. Wild Crafted CBD Oil, $35

Know a pal that suffers from adhesive reactions? Or how about some foot pain? Sore site? Try some CBD oil to alleviate some of these stressors.

8. Eucerine, $30

Regardless of diabetes, tis the season for dry skin. Give the gift of hydration with some heavy-duty lotion. It might not be sexy, but soft skin sure is!

9. The Complete Diabetes Cookbook: The Healthy Way to Eat the Foods You Love, $21

Honestly one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received, thanks mom! This cook book has carb counts for every recipe! And it offers many low-carb recipes, as well.

10.Frio Mini Insulin Cooling Case Blue, $23

Keep your insulin cool while traveling with the Frio case. Bring peace-of-mind to your Pals, only needing to soak in water to keep your life-juice cool.

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