The Diabetes Carrying Case You Need

For those of you that know me, you already know that I am always trying to find the best, cutest accessory to hold all of my diabetes. Let’s face it: diabetes is heavy. Yes, emotionally, but honestly physically as well.

While I LOVE my Omnipod and Dexcom situation, it comes with a lot of literal baggage. On any given day you can find me carrying (barring I haven’t forgotten something at home):

-My Omnipod PDM

-Backup Pod

-Test Strips

-Batteries (for my Omnipod)


– Syringes (in case my pump fails)


-Extra Lancet Heads


-Alcohol Swabs

That’s a lot of things to cary, and lucky for me they all fit in SugarMedical’s Audrey Case. The new case made specifically for Omnipod users offers a new pocket and home for podders’ PDMs.

This new feature replaces the previous velcro option, where the PDM would velcro into the case. For those podders that don’t use a gel skin, this case is a must-have. You have the option of throwing it in the pouch, or letting it free and closing the zipper. I find when I’m on-the-go, I prefer to let my Omnipod roam free within the Audrey case, allowing for easy access to my PDM in case I suddenly need a temp basal (re: exercise and T1D).

I personally love polka dots, and while they are a cute touch – they have the added benefit of easily sticking out in my black hole of a work bag, and the case’s slim dimensions means that it also fits into my smaller everyday bag.

The Audrey case also boasts SugarMedical’s signature “trash” slot, which is one of my favorite features. Because of this nifty device, I seldom leave test strips in my wake – something my twister/roommate sincerely appreciates.

I give the Audrey case 5/5 stars, and recommend you try the case out for yourself!

Head to Sugar Medical now to get your own, and check out all of the dia-amazing things they have to offer.

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